Pool or Spa Inspection
An expert in the Pool Service Industry will perform an extensive inspection of the pool or spa.
Additional Charges
 --Covered pool (each) $160
 --Snow / Ice / Excessive Cover Water Removal (each) $175
 --Remote Controls, Additional Systems, Major Water/Design Features, Indoor Pool or Spa (each) $135
 --Separate Spa $285
 --Attached Spa / In-Floor Cleaning System / Slide / Salt System / Waterfall / Fountain(each) $135
 --Narrated Photo Report add $165
There may be an additional charge for other pool features.

Optional Specialized Services (seldom needed, may be contracted along with pool inspection): $285 each
 --Pressure Testing
Suggested when plumbing integrity is in question. This price is for testing skimmer and return lines.
 --Electronic Scan
Provides valuable information about vinyl liner integrity, shows worn out areas and pinpoints minor leaks.
 --Fiber Optics Videoscope
State-of-the-art technology which allows us to view the INSIDE of most plumbing lines!
 --Pool Training Class
We will come to your new house to teach you how to operate and maintain your pool and water chemistry (pool must be in operation).

Travel rates may apply to locations outside of New Jersey.

If you are ready to request an inspection, please fill out our Inspection Request Form.